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HENRY WISMAYER writes nonfiction across a range of genres, including travel, memoir, and cultural commentary. His writing career began in 2008, when his hopelessly verbose account of a weekend jaunt up a mountain in Morocco made the cover of an in-flight magazine.


His work has since appeared in over 80 publications, including the New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Washington Post, and TIME Magazine. His features have been syndicated worldwide, and translated into over a dozen languages.


He specializes in off-beat travel in Africa, India and the Middle East, with occasional forays into more comfortable climes to mollify his beleaguered partner Lucy (overdue compensation for all the years of bush-taxis and nights spent sleeping on benches).


In more recent years, he has also written extensively about UK politicsnature, and his home city of London. He has done one public talk - in front of his daughter's Year 3 class. He told them about an Arctic explorer who dug his way out of an ice-cave with a chisel hewn from his own frozen faeces and they were rapt!


Favourite bolt-holes on this ever-shrinking planet include India's Garhwal Himalayas, the Croatian island of Vis, and his mum's luxuriant London garden. Between assignments, Henry lives in West Norwood, South London, with Lucy and their children Lily and Ben.

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